COURSE TUTOR: Jenny Phillips


PRICE: £200 + VAT


An outline of the course

How many times have you heard colleagues (or yourself!) say ‘it’s bound to be dry, it’s one of those topics. You just have to teach it and move on’.

If you haven’t you are probably in the minority. You are almost bound to have pupils who struggle to grasp certain concepts and a common line is ‘I can’t remember now as I learnt it ages ago’. One might reflect on how many things are actually wrong with that statement!

This course is aimed at challenging any topic as needing to be ‘taught’ and not ‘learnt’ and pushes the boundaries and encourages risk taking. It is practical and experiential and come prepared to be pushed out of your comfort zone!


Most courses start at 9am till 4.30pm

Lunch will be provided at all venues and is normally taken at 1pm

  • Differentiating what constitutes a topic which is hard to teach or hard to learn
  • Resurrecting experiences of challenging sessions and identifying its features
  • Aligning the high expectations of Ofsted with risks-taking strategies
  • Identifying and sharing better practice and developing what works to become that which inspires
  • Recognising actions for own personal development.


Jenny has more than 10 years experience as an educational consultant having engaged in more than 2,500 assignments working across the educational sector both home and to a lesser degree, internationally. She also delivers bespoke training nationally and continues to work as an Additional Ofsted Inspector. She has held many regional and national roles representing government and private bodies. Jenny has held many team roles including monitoring the state schools (from Kindergarten to Secondary) in the Middle East. Her work also extends in further education where she has worked in many capacities and in every context, from specialist, residential provision, prison education, adult, community learning, sixth form and further education colleges, plus work-based learning at local, regional and national levels.

Part of Jenny’s recent portfolio includes three Local Authority contracts as School Improvement Advisor and several regional and national leads for including the National Teaching and Learning Change Programme, 16 separate contracts relating to the 14-19 Reform, Consortium Advisor, Specialist Leadership Consultant for collaborative working partnerships and quality frameworks, critical friend working with coasting and underperforming teachers, teacher training to move good to outstanding and senior leaders to improve the quality of provision. In addition, she continues to work in a variety of quality improvement roles with post-compulsory provision having more than 20 years experience in a wide range of contexts: General FE; Specialist FE; Work-based learning (local, regional and national); HMYOI; Adult and Community Learning and LDD provision. Therefore her strengths lie in collaborative, partnership working and improving the quality and delivery of provision for learners across all age groups and subject areas.  She has carried out many advisory and management roles in specialist and residential provision and proud to author and co-write many books, e-learning materials and educational films for practitioners and learners at low ability and those who are gifted and talented and often held back.

Jenny continues to be passionate about education, especially improving the quality of learner experiences through outstanding learning and teaching and is studying a Doctorate in Education in her spare time.

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