photo_4.jpgLead Consultant - Susan Ryall

Susan has developed a wealth of experience in the academies sector having worked as a Principal Consultant helping new academies from conception to opening for several educational consultancies throughout the UK.  She has also been an Academies Director for charitable trusts who sponsor academies.  Susan has received ‘outstanding’ recognition from the DfE for the delivery of three academy projects to their opening in Leeds, Sheffield and Birmingham.  Her involvement has also included leading the delivery of Bristol Brunel - the first BSF academy to be delivered in the UK with new build and academy opening taking place on the first day of new academy year!  Susan has been involved in the successful development of start up education charities to multi academy sponsors and has extensive experience of delivering and providing advice in all pre and post academy opening activities.

Susan has also acted as Construction and Design Manager for academies, developing and reviewing specifications, producing business plans for approval and acting as client capacity during procurement of ICT and build contractors during design and build phases of academy development.  Her skills also extend to the development of successful bids and the funding approval documentation for schools having led a successful bid team for a new schools competition (precursor to free schools) at Howden Clough in Kirklees.

Her professional strengths lie in her communication skills with the belief that all work should be ‘led by the school and for the school and the communities they live in’. Her knowledge of the academy processes specifically governance, financial arrangement, legal (lease and asset and contract transfer), consultation, stakeholder management, partnership building and continual improvement via lessons learnt and sharing of best practice have received many requests for repeat involvement on subsequent assignments. She also possesses experience of acting as chair for a Design User Group and for Project Steering Group meetings.