RAISEonline Analysis Report and SLT Training

'Wow what fantastic service! I have to say that I have a Master's degree in research but for the life of me I could not have analyzed the data like this. Will feed it all into the real SEF and set about tackling the issues you've outlined in our Senior Management meetings. I was particularly grateful for these comments because they are exactly what the inspectors will ask no doubt.'.

Heather Gofton, Headteacher

Full RAISEonline Analysis Reports: All Key Stages

Each report provides:

  • a comprehensive step by step analysis of each section within the RAISEonline report
  • a summary report which can be used in the school self-evaluation document (SEF)
  • a research section which provides ideas for school actions needed to find additional information needed to come to conclusive judgements about your OFSTED achievement grade

To view a Sample Report click this link
Sample Report

RAISEonline SLT Training

One of our expert consultants will spend a day in your school working through the RAISEonline data and in-school data and coming to a view about the potential outcome grade in an OFSTED inspection.  By the end of the day you will have:

  • A clear understanding of how to analyse the RAISE.
  • Know whether your in-school data is providing the information it needs so that you are able to produce a clear summary about the school's current position and its predicted position.
  • A clear idea of how to change an OFSTED grade by providing an accurate three year trend picture.
  • A succinct summary achievement statement that you can put in to your SEF.
  • A clear action plan for improvement to maximise your current OFSTED grade.



Infant and First Schools - £200 + VAT

Junior Schools - £300 + VAT

Primary Schools - £400 + VAT

SLT Training:

£800 + VAT - Infant, First and Primary schools

£930 + VAT - Secondary Schools 

Contact: training@incyteinternational.com