Digital School Self-evaluation Platform

The ‘I..2..’ series of digital on line programs covers all aspects of school self-evaluation and promote best practice assessment for learning practice for students, school leaders, teachers and teaching assistance.  All the programs use the same design features and are easy to use.  For further information contact 0121 288 6331.

‘I..2..Achievement’: tracks the live progress made by all pupils from FS1 through to Y6 (and beyond) and provides detailed live reports on the attainment and progress of all inclusion groups in each class/year.  Teachers update their pupil attainment data through effective assessment for learning practice so that all information in the program is up to date, relevant and ready for analysis.  The program enables a full in depth analysis of the progress made by all groups of pupils in all subjects helping schools to eradicate in-house variations in progress and attainment across specific inclusion groups.

‘I..2..Learning’: this is a dual pupil/school log-in program that tracks pupils’ personal, learning and thinking skills.  It supports pupil self-assessment and the best assessment for learning practice.  The dual log-in aspect of the program enables the SLT to analyse the level of PLTs across all inclusion groups enabling the school to identify key strengths and weaknesses and future training needs.

‘I..2..Whole School Professional Development’/'World Class Teacher Award': this is a dual log-in program that enables teachers to self-assess against a set of criteria that covers the professional standards.  The dual log-in faciltity enables self-assessments, peer assessments, line management assessments and external assessor assessments to be added when appropriate.  All assessments are linked directly to assessment for learning criteria and then used to support the professional development of all teachers and the next steps to be made for teachers to improve further.  The dual access enables the SLT to assess the overall strengths and weaknesses in teaching and learning and to identify key areas for generic as well as personal improvement.

‘I..2..SchoolSelf-Evaluation' (I..2..SESR): this is a criteria driven program that is linked directly to the New Inspection Framework.  It enables the SLT to systematically assess the school’s achievement in all aspects of the school.  It clearly enables schools to identify key strengths and weaknesses and pathways that enable schools to become outstanding in every aspect.   The program is a mixture of school self-evaluation, school development planning and SEF reporting.  It brings everything together in one place and makes school development planning a much more dynamic process.  This program is also highly suited for supporting school improvement partner services.  The schools school improvement partner using the program can provide on-going on line support to the school which means that a school can receive high quality support as a mixture of face-to-face and on line support ensuring the costs of effective support are kept to a minimum.  For further information on this see our School Improvement Service section.

The Cost of any of the Digital Platform programs is from £500 + VAT per annum.  The cost of any of the programs has a lifetime guarantee and therefore the longer you use the programs the cheaper they become in relative terms.  If schools want to purchase a number of the programs package deals are available.