Changes to the Inspection Process - January 2015

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Please take note, that there is two versions of 'School inspection handbook'. TheTRACKING CHANGES version lets you see very easily where the changes have been made rather than having to go through the whole document and working it out for yourselves.

The framework for school inspection (Ofsted)
School inspection handbook - TRACKING CHANGES VERSION (Ofsted)
School inspection handbook (Ofsted)
Statutory framework for the early years foundation stage (DfE)
Inspecting safeguarding in maintained schools and academies (Ofsted)

Maintained schools and Academies

The School Inspection Handbook

  • Separate written judgements for behaviour and for safety, in addition to the overall graded judgement.
Subsidiary guidance
  • Judging progress; an update on floor standards.
  • Changes to early entry at GCSE and its impact on inspections and RAISEonline.
  • An addition to the sixth-form PANDA report; how to access L3VA data (as the briefing is being withdrawn).
  • Details on accessing the QSR report; external review of pupil premium; use of academy predecessor data.

Writing the Report Guidance

  • Inspectors must include in the report - references to National/Local leaders of education an external review of pupil premium where appropriate.
  • Separate written judgements about behaviour and safety, the progress of the most able pupils; the effectiveness of leadership, including middle leaders. 
  • Reporting on complaints’ issues guidance.
  • The Level 3 value added (L3VA) briefing is no longer needed as data for students are now provided in one L3VA report, which can be obtained on the sixth-form PANDA site.

Guidance on the use of evidence forms

  • New requirements from January 2014 to record data outcomes for sixth form and primary school sport funding; and external review of governance and/or pupil premium recommendations.

Section 8 inspection guidance

No changes have been made to the legacy guidance and instruments apart from the copyright and publication date.

Independent and boarding school inspection documents

  • Revisions to the Digest of changes from autumn term 2013 - relatively minor. 

ITE inspection guidance and instruments

No changes have been made to the ITE documents apart from the copyright and publication date.