Available Programs

NEW! Incyte..2..Achievement (Version 3) - pupil academic tracking

Incyte..2..Achievement (Version 2) - pupil academic tracking

Incyte..2..SEF and SDP (Version 4) - currently SESR - whole school improvement tracking

World Class Teacher Award (WCTA) - teacher skills tracking (including performance management)

World Class Practitioner Award (WCPA) - lecturers skills tracking (including performance management)

Incyte..2..Learning - pupil (and teacher) soft skills tracking (optional system linked directly to the personal, learning, thinking skills) 

Older Versions

I..2..Achievement (BM Assessments)

Incyte..2..SEF and SDP (Version 3) - currently SESR - whole school improvement tracking

I..2..Teaching (Approaches to Teaching)

I..2..CPD (Course Tracker)

I..2..Whole School CPD

I..2..Learning (PLTs)

I..2..School Improvement (Blueprint to Success)

Effective Business

Incyte..2..Business Growth

International Programs

Hungarian I..2..Learning (Hungarian PLTs)

Bespoke Programs

I..2..Learning (Launceston)

Skills that Matter (St Thomas More, Willenhall)