Recent Comments from Schools and Academies

Pye Green Valley Primary School, Staffordshire
23 of May 2014

'It is both reassuring and exciting to be working with Incyte in the development of post-level assessment strategies.
The association that we have had with your company over many years has had a significant impact on the quality of provision and outcomes for  our children; the quality of our tracking, reporting and review mechanisms have been the envy of colleagues, and have supported our staff in becoming consciously competent. 
Many thanks for your continued support in these times of shifting sands.'
Headteacher: Kevin Butlin

Reach Academy, Feltham
02nd of April 2014

'I wanted to share our first Ofsted report with you. We are all delighted, we got outstanding in every category. It was a great team effort and we gave a really great account of ourselves. The visits by Helen [Blanchard] and Sian [Thomas] were very helpful in establishing the authenticity of our data.'
Principal: Ed Vainker

Priory Community School, North Somerset

'Many thanks for yesterday and for all your work with us. Really appreciated. All our staff are very happy to welcome you and really enjoy the CPD you give us. Superb. Great feedback always.'
Principal: Neville Coles

Haylands Primary School, Isle of Wight

'The professional development work we have undertaken with Incyte has been of a high quality to myself and other members of the SLT. The change in our thinking and culture about teaching and learning and the forensic analysis of what we do, have come from the professional relationship developed in partnership with you. This has produced the improvements in the quality of teaching and learning, seen not just by you but also by other stakeholders.'
Headteacher: Stef Hopper

Hartley Primary School, East Ham, London

'On behalf of the leadership team, I just wanted to thank you for yesterday.  We all gained a lot from the RAISEonline training and will use the analysis to move our school forward.  We all felt that spending a whole day analysing the data in detail was very beneficial.  I think we should do this every year.'
Deputy Headtecher: Kiran Bhagra  

Rugby High School
'When I met with the staff this morning, there was a very positive response to the Incyte experience. People at all levels felt that they had learned a lot and we have lots to be thinking about and doing in the coming days. The review has done everything that we hoped in terms of helping us to tease out the gaps that we need to address and has been affirming with regard to our strengths. We thoroughly enjoyed working with you all.'
Headteacher: Charlotte Marten

The Castle School, Somerset
‘Best CPD ever. This is how inspection should be done - completely supportive, challenging and rigorous. We are really clear now in what we have to do to really improve the school. Our SEF and SIP are sharp, linked and in form. Appraisal. Very, very, worthwhile.’
Headteacher: Sarah Watson

Thomas Becket Catholic School, Northampton
‘Now that my head has cleared from last week, I just wanted to put into writing how valuable we found the review from Incyte last week. Firstly, as a new Principal it has aligned my plans going forward, also having taken on a relatively new SLT team the review helped in bringing us together as a team. This was vital to go forward as it’s a complex SLT team in how it has been formed and we need to ‘share’ the vision. The staff appreciated that it was clear from the outset that the review would be conducted in a coaching/mentoring format and the whole team made everyone feel at ease and be open and honest in their discussions with the reviewers. None of the staff had experienced anything like the process that Incyte offered and feedback from all staff has been overwhelmingly positive. It certainly got staff looking at their areas of responsibility in a different way which should hopefully lead to more effective and positive outcomes for students. Having been part of several Inctye reviews previously this review format was new to me but was accurately pitched for what this school needed. Key staff feel more ready for our imminent HMI monitoring visit and empowered and motivated to move forward. Once again a great team of reviewers and I think we crammed as much as we possibly could have out of the 2 days and from the staff I just wanted to say thanks to you and to all of the review team for another successful review.
Principle:  Yvonne Lucey

Oldfleet Primary School, Kingston upon Hull
‘Oldfleet Primary School in Hull began working with Incyte in 2011. Between 2011 and 2013, Incyte provided support and challenge focussing on whole school improvement. which enabled us to move from an OFSTED classification of "Satisfactory" in 2010, to an OFSTED classification of "Good" in 2013. We are currently working with Incyte to facilitate the move from ‘Good’ to ‘Outstanding’.
Headteacher: Andy Conlon

Hull Studio School
‘Thanks again for today, as always your support and guidance is timely, insightful and excellent. We always feel better and more confident after we meet.’
Principal: Paul Shakesby 

Flakefleet Primary School, Fleetwood, Lancashire 
The more I get to grips with the new system the more I think it’s really good.
I had the DFE brokers in recently who quizzed me all about data and I know they were really impressed when I could just answer them straight away from the data off Incyte on my iPad.   So huge thanks to you and the team.
Reports so far from FS team leader is that this is great and so easy to input.  Huge thanks.   We were going round in all sorts of circles but feel we now have something which will enable us to track closely and be easy for the teachers.  There aren't many things that meet with so many smiles from staff.’
Headteacher: Mike Barnes

Hatfield Woodhouse Primary School, Nottinghamshire 
I have just finished talking on the phone to Incyte. He has talked me through a demonstration of the tracker programme – which I am so excited about. It will save me and my vice principal hours of work.
Thank-you – for the potential return of weekends and half terms!!!’
Principal: Helen Acton

Medina College, Isle of Wight 
‘Working with INCYTE gave Medina College the rigorous challenge and support it needed to enable rapid progress in a very short space of time.  INCYTE delivered difficult messages in a supportive way and their thorough review of our school and its systems identified improvements to teaching and learning to impact quickly on the attainment of all pupils.
As a headteacher, I am always slightly sceptical about external companies coming in to provide the ‘answers’ however, INCYTE’s professionalism, emotional intelligence, knowledge and work ethic ensured we were given the support to move forward and start our journey towards outstanding.’ Headteacher: Nathan Thomas

The Chafford School, Rainham, Essex 
‘At a time with so much change happening in schools, particularly with regard to: teaching and learning, accountabilities under the new OfSTED framework and the range of data used at all levels by staff, it was refreshing and enlightening to have an external review carried out by Incyte. The team has been exceptional in the challenge, clarity and focus they have brought to all aspects of our work, both at a leadership and classroom level. Working with them has not only developed the leadership teams in the school, but bought the mechanics of how these teams work together.’ Principal: Gary Pratt

Weare First Academy, Somerset 
‘In my experience of the School Review Partner work I have found it has made me, through the lesson observations, data analysis and discussions which have taken place, more able to formulate, shape and refine developments in my own school and set them at a focused and achievable pace. I find that I am both objective and sympathetic towards the demands on staff to review their practice. We are developing a culture of sharing and openness towards development, supported by clear and high expectations from the top. The way that Incyte has provided support and guidance to the needs of our particular school has given me confidence and enthusiasm for the task of leading Weare School. I also really value the relationship I have with my Incyte Partner School and I believe we have already established a relationship of mutual respect, trust and support.’
Headteacher: Denise Mawdsley

High Ham Primary School, Somerset 
‘We have recently started using the SESR template and have found it to be a purposeful tool in highlighting specific areas to develop. The SIP visit which included learning walks, scrutiny of work as well as Raise online analysis which gave the SMT a useful insight into the way OFSTED would view the school. Through using the whole package and being able to use the email support, we feel that our support for school improvement is rigorous. The up to date knowledge and expertise of all the staff has been an excellent resource for our school.’
Headteacher: Jane Rosser

Holyrood Academy, Somerset 
‘Involving Incyte in our Annual Review at Holyrood Academy was one of the most powerful and constructive learning processes we have experienced. Working closely with experienced Ofsted inspectors gave staff and governors a detailed understanding of the new Framework, and confirmed our areas for further development. The experience was the perfect blend of challenge and professional development and has left the Academy more confident in our direction of travel.'
Headteacher: Maurice Hicks

All Saints Academy, Cheltenham 
‘Incyte carried out a full review of the Academy. Their work was precise, professional and has helped us plan for the future’. A range of observations supported staff in developing their future teaching and supported senior managers in planning the next stage of the Academy’s development. The team were sensitive, accurate and informative. Highly recommended.'
Principal: Peter Kingham

King John School, Essex 
‘Our results at A2 and As level were fantastic. The % A and B went up from 32%-49% and the average point score went from 205-309. All of these were the highest ever achieved!!!! We would not have done this without the rigorous support that you gave us, so thank you.'
Principal: Margaret Wilson

Maiden Erlegh School, Berkshire 
‘We are so grateful to you for the two days’ training – it has been invaluable, both for senior and middle leaders. I think it has really helped to get key messages across and to ensure they are disseminated accurately. It was a wholly positive experience. Your consultant had all the rigour and insightfulness necessary but in a very positive and constructive way. Thank you so much for this and I look forward to reading the report.’
Deputy Headteacher: Mary Davies

Stoodley Knowle, Devon 
‘Just some feedback on yesterday's session with Caroline; EXCELLENT. Really inspiring, so illuminating, helpful and practical. We can do this and still be Stoodley!
More INSET/CPD like that please..... thanks to you both; what a great way to start the New Year.’
Primary Teacher

Horrington Primary School, Somerset 
‘We have been delighted with the Incyte SEF format that we have been using since September 2011, it is entirely logical that the link between the SEF and the school improvement plan have been established within the format. Our experience when OFSTED needed access was reflective of all the contact we have experienced with Incyte; thorough, efficient and friendly! The
OFSTED inspection team were impressed with this package and the access they gained during our recent inspection.’
Headteacher: Helen Gregory

CTC Kingshurst Academy, Birmingham 
In February 2011 we were facing an imminent Section 5 inspection. Our Section 8 was not what we had been expecting, so to say we were not relishing the next inspection was somewhat of an understatement! Incyte had come highly recommended by a number of principals and headteachers. They came to do an initial consultative review and then conducted a full scale, two day inspection. Many of their findings and subsequent recommendations were uncomfortable and hard hitting, but it was exactly what we needed as an institution if we were to move forward and develop. All members of staff who were observed found the feedback professional, supportive and focused and the meetings with members of SLT were equally honest, providing a level challenge that was essential. We have worked with them, particularly Caroline McKee, for the past nine months and the impact of their work has been nothing short of transformational. They have provided consistent, rigorous challenge which has enabled us to move forward in a systematic way. The senior and extended leadership teams have been re-structured, focusing on strengthening accountability to drive improvements in all areas of the Academy.
I can recommend Incyte (and Caroline McKee, in particular) unreservedly. They have brought about a transformation to the Academy and a new way operating. I cannot thank them enough.’
Principal: Ann Jones

Wellsway Academy, Bath 
‘The work that we have done with Incyte has had a significant impact upon our school improvement journey. The leadership development training that they led for us helped us to focus on our priorities and contributed to the outstanding Ofsted judgement that we received
in March 2011. They have also completed some excellent work for us in auditing areas of our practice such as safeguarding, which included some excellent recommendations for improvement. What has always impressed us about Incyte is their professionalism and flexible response, which has always been expertly tailored to our needs. They take the trouble to understand what we need, and want, and always deliver.’
Headteacher: Andrea Arlidge

Stockwell Primary School, Kingston upon Hull 
‘I met with the whole staff this morning to feedback positives and what the ways forward will be. They all turned up and were smiling! It was most definitely the experience we wanted and needed. The start of a long and happy relationship with Incyte!’
Headteacher: Christy Coulter

Penn Mill Infant School, Somerset 
‘We have been working with Malcolm and members of the Incyte team since 2007. The support given in helping to move the school from satisfactory to outstanding through varying whole school developments, data analysis, rigorous self evaluation and assessment approaches, governor support and pure encouragement in self belief have been undoubtedly challenging, invaluable and rewarding. The varying online packages we have bought into are exceptionally well supported and adapted to our individual needs. Excellent and valuable support. Thank you.’
Headteacher: Minnie House

The Harefield Academy, London 
‘Members of the Incyte team gave us invaluable advice prior to a formal OFSTED. The "mock" inspection gave The Academy staff the confidence to continue to develop good practice and to check aspects of our work that the Incyte team thought could be improved. We have also enjoyed very specific subject advice from Incyte. We would not hesitate to work with them again in the future.'
Pricipal: Lynn Gadd

Maltings Academy, Essex
‘At Maltings Academy we have worked with the INCYTE team for 2 years. In each of those years we have had the flexibility to work with the team on different, agreed focuses; such as teaching and learning, lesson observation, individual departments, groups of learners or Ofsted preparation. The true value of Incyte lies in their independence: they give an unbiased and critical review of their findings which the SLT and departments can subsequently use to build for the future.
In the build up to our most recent Ofsted the team gave invaluable, and accurate, advice: their judgement of where we were exactly mirrored the judgements from the Ofsted team. This has built a level of trust from my staff that enables us to have an annual INCYTE review which we know will accurately indicate our strengths and weaknesses. Consequently this will enable us to target specific areas and feel confident that we are progressing in the right direction. I recommend the team to schools.’
Principal: John Syznal

Clacton Coastal Academy, Essex
‘A very demanding but highly constructive mock Section 5 and I am negotiating with members of the team to come and support our SEND development. They really challenged my leadership team which was just what was needed before our real section 5 which will happen sometime in the autumn. We have all benefitted from the very open, honest, professional and critical dialogue from the INCYTE team and feel very comfortable with what we now need to do to make our best better.’
Principal: Stephen Chamberlain

Dover Christ Church Academy, Kent 
‘I have worked with Incyte three times now, firstly a year ago in my previous Headship as we were expecting a Section 5. The Incyte Team (recommended to us by AET) came in and did a consultative review, in effect a targeted section 5 based upon R.o.L, SEF, observations and professional discussion on areas of the school I had concerns about. The team give you the ‘hard edged’ OfSTED judgement however, also provide to staff at all levels guidance for how to improve – it proved invaluable. They returned later in the term to focus on other areas and again, after the initial shock of OfSTED inspectors being in were warmly received by staff, who by and large took it on the chin. Tellingly when the Section 5 team came in February, Faculty Leaders came out of the OfSTED meeting saying ‘that was easier than Incyte!!’ I think that the team enabled us to make a whole grade difference between September and February.
I used them here in the first month to give me a benchmark of where we are, we’re a new Academy, opened on Sept 1st. again after the initial uncertainty with staff, Incyte's professionalism was recognised. Incyte delivered some really hard edged messages, but their approach made, what was for some staff a bitter pill to swallow, heard and appreciated. Incyte are coming back to us in March to review progress. Their report has formed the basis of our development plan and my initial report to the Full Governing Body.
I recommend them to you without reservation.’
Principal: Richard Williams

Archbishop Sentamu Academy, Kingston upon Hull
‘Just thought that you'd like to know that I spoke with the staff tonight that you had today for the middle management training'. They were hugely complimentary about you and today and said that they found it enormously useful.’
Vice Principal: Chris Mulqueen

Thames View Primary, Medway
‘We are working effectively on the excellent advice you gave us. We really appreciate your sessions with us, as they are so challenging and thought provoking.’
Headteacher: Pauline Milton

Stag Lane Primary School, Harrow
‘We did indeed find the session on Monday very helpful and Elena has more than once remarked on how good the session was. We have plenty of food for thought and I am about to embark on doing some delving and digging of my own, now that you have pointed us in the right direction.’
Headteacher: Pauline Jamieson

The Drive Primary School, Gateshead
‘Wow what fantastic service! I have to say that I have a Master's degree in research but for the life of me I could not have analyzed the data like this. Will feed it all into the real SEF and set about tackling the issues you've outlined in our Senior Management meetings. I was particularly grateful for these comments because they are exactly what the inspectors will ask no doubt.’
Headteacher: Heather Gofton

Pye Green Primary School, Staffordshire
‘Many thanks for the speed with which you responded to our request for RAISE analysis, and for the quality of your report. It is really interesting to see a very well informed external view of our report; a very clear and easily digestible format, great for reporting to governors.’
Headteacher: Kevin Butlin

Academies Enterprise Trust
‘Incyte has been working with our academies since September 2009 and have completed seven consultative reviews to date in organisations that are both high performing and in challenging circumstances. These reviews have been completed professionally and rigorously and have been praised by the Leadership teams working within our academies for the professional development afforded both at classroom and whole school level.’
Director of Leadership and Professional Development: Zoe Goodwin