Incyte International puts a great deal of effort and finance into research and development in the field of learning, whether this be specifically in education or in helping organisations to improve the quality of its workforce.

Current research and development projects

The World Class Teacher Award

Incyte is working with Archbishop Sentamu Academy and IRIS Connect to develop a World Class Teacher Award that schools from around the world will be able to work towards.

Self-evaluation on line programs

The MGA Education technicians are working on the development of two new self-evaluation on line programs to be launched in September 2011. One is a whole school CPD system which will also support the World Class Teaching Award and the other is a whole school Self-evaluation/School Improvement/SEF program that will save significant amounts of senior leadership time and provide an effective whole school self-evaluation tool.


During 2010, Incyte International has spent significant amounts of time in India working alongside schools to development new data tracking technology. The new technology will help schools to meet new assessment requirements as well as enable schools to be more efficient and effective in collecting, recording and analysing student data.


Incyte International is working alongside MGA Education Ltd and the Tiszk Vocational Centre in Vacs just north of Budapest to develop new software to ease the transition form college in to the workplace. The research involves producing learning criteria across ten professions which will enable the continuous and accurate assessment of students'/new employees' learning achievements.

Personal, learning and thinking skills

Incyte International is working in partnership with Launceston College, Cornwall and St Thomas More, Willenhall to develop new software for the college to deliver the personal, learning, thinking skills curriculum across the curriculum.

FP7 Partners

Following a successful presentation of its ideas and software at a lifelong learning conference in Istanbul in 2008, Incyte has collaborated with a range of research partners across Europe. This include: Bath University (England), Geoimaging (Cyprus), InHolland University (Netherlands), R and D Software Solutions (Romania), Dogus University (Turkey), Aristotle University (Greece), Institute for Language and Speech Processing (Greece), Graz University (Austria)