Malcolm Greenhalgh - Managing Director


Malcolm is responsible for Incyte International's business development strategy and growth which has helped the company to expand rapidly in recent years in ICT and face to face solutions in the UK and overseas. He is also responsible for quality assurance systems to ensure the company continues to provide high quality services to its many clients. These include LA schools and academies in all phases, education authorities and national and local associations. The company is also forging links into quality assurance and self-evaluation in the health sector and has been appointed as Auditors for the Association of Registered Colonic Hydrotherapists. He is also Managing Director of MGA Education Ltd the accounting and IT research and development arm of Incyte and Managing Director of Incyte Kft, a Hungarian company working in the vocational sector forging closer links between school and the workplace.

He was the initiator and Chairman of Bench Marque Ltd which was formed in 1992. He was responsible for developing the company's business into one of the largest education companies in the UK before being taken over by Tribal Education in 2004. Bench Marque's client level included the DfES, QCA, the Greek Ministry and the British Council. Its operation of Ofsted inspections in the school and nursery phases made it one of the country's biggest inspection operators.

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Caroline McKee - Director

Caro_Incyte_Mobile.JPGCaroline is responsible for school evaluations and support. She created the Incyte Review programme and builds the teams to meet the specific needs of the schools and academies that Incyte works with. She has also taken a major role in developing the company's IT self-evaluation support systems which are working very effectively in many schools in the UK and overseas. These databases are at the cutting edge of new technology and provide easy to manage data analysis processes which help to enable schools to have high quality self-evaluation systems.

She has significant experience as an Ofsted lead inspector building on her experience of teaching and leading in a wide range of schools in the private and public sectors. She delivers high quality training, consultancy and review and her recent activities include: supporting the development of academies, middle leadership training, teaching pupils in challenging circumstances in inner city secondary schools, providing advice and support on school improvement, training teachers, writing core tasks for QCA, developing assessment programs to track pupils' academic progress and approaches to learning, and inspecting under the new inspection framework. She has trained inspectors in self-evaluation skills and LAs on the inspection framework.

She also a Director of MGA Education Ltd and Incyte Kft.

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Rob Wilby Technical Director

rob_pic.jpgRob has significant experience as an ICT expert within education. Before joining the team at Incyte, he worked for ten years with Wessex Associates and Bench Marque Ltd. Those years were spent replacing paper based school inspection systems with offline and online databases that improved the speed and efficiency for inspectors and the teams that supported them. Much of the work for Wessex Associates involved assessing school systems directly, offering advice and technical support and in many cases replacing a schools network completely. He has been responsible for the development of the data programs that are used to generate the web-based school self-evaluation programs.

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Gelena Wilby, Research and Development

Gelena_photo_ID.jpgGelena has a Masters Degree in Science.

Several years in private education.

Moved to the UK in 2011 from the Republic of Panama where she worked as a Managing Director of a Real Estate Company for 5 years.

She is proficient in Spanish, Russian and Ukranian languages.

Anna Holzmann, Director of Operations for Eastern Europe

anna.jpgAnna studied at the Budapest Business School and at the Szent István University and became an economist specialising in Marketing in 2008. She has international experience and has worked in the UK for several months before starting her career in Hungary. She has diverse experience from working at SMEs to big multinationals. She has been working for Incyte since 2007 and has grown Incyte's Eastern European business. Her main responsibilities are ensuring projects in Eastern Europe operate to a high quality, marketing, customer care, event organisation and supporting UK-based projects. She has been the main driver in developing Incyte's vocational education projects in Hungary.

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Ian Brewer, Director of Operations for ICT and southern Europe

ian.jpgIan Brewer has significant experience in school self evaluation and improvement. Now based in southern Spain, he spent many years working with local authorities in the UK and has particular experience in helping schools to make the most effective use of new technologies. He worked closely with Becta, NCSL and the South West Grid for Learning (SWGfL). His main responsibilities in the company are to ensure the companies ICT developments meet the needs of schools in the UK and overseas and developing an online system to support the Council for International Schools self-evaluation process.

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Sue Cardis - Director of Operations for the Middle East, Far East and Africa

suecardis.jpgSue Cardis has a wealth of experience in teaching, training, leadership, advisory support and educational management in UK and overseas. Her extensive international exposure across Asia, the Middle East and Africa has enabled her to adapt to and understand a wide variety of cultures. Her leadership and advisory roles have given her a deep insight into the benefits of strategic planning and effective on-going professional development. Her Literacy and Drama background has always been a rich source of inspiration for her creative training programmes. Sue’s specialisation is the development and improvement of communication skills, strengthening inter-personal strategies, building both self-esteem and a corporate confidence in a professional environment. Sue has recently joined the Incyte team as an associate international consultant.

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