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Incyte International specialises in school and academy improvement services in the UK and worldwide.  We provide a wide range of products and consultancy services, including one of the country’s leading online academic tracking programs. Offering tailored support, advice and guidance we ensure all types of schools, academies, children centres and further education colleges improve to outstanding or sustain existing outstanding practice.  Our reputation has grown significantly in the last few years as a result of our existing clients recommending us to others. 

We have over 150 consultants to choose from, all of whom have been carefully vetted and are regularly monitored to ensure our high quality is sustained.  This enables us to respond to every type of request.  Our portfolio of products and services has been developed as a result of our close work with our clients and with professionals in education.  As a result, we continually meet our clients’ requirements through bespoke training, a wide range of educational tracking programs, curriculum development and design, whole school inspection style reviews, additional support for such things as special educational needs and English as an additional language.


Curriculum and assessment 2014

Incyte is working hard behind the scenes with our partner schools to ensure the advice and support we provide enables them to be 2014 ready.  This includes changes to our academic tracking program (no levels remember) and the criteria used to measure progress and attainment.  For further information contact malcolmg@incyteinternational.com.

OFSTED Update - January 2014

There are some interesting changes to the Ofsted guidance for inspection within the new documents for January 2014.  All schools need to be up to date with guidance and expectations to ensure that their own self-evaluation systems are in line with the new changes.  To download the latest documents go to the OFSTED tag.  For further detail and support contact carolinem@incyteinternational.com 

Strategic Education Improvement Solutions (SEIS)

Incyte has a high quality reputation for providing schools and academies with personalised support and advice that builds on each school's specific needs.  The large majority of new schools that we work with come from the recommendations of current schools.  To find out more about these services go to the Services and Products tab or Specialist Services tab.  Alternatively if you want a quick link to our bespoke training services contact malcolmg@incyteinternational.com direct or browse through our CPD Training Menu.