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'Human wisdom cannot merely be the adding up of specialised knowledge or obtained by a study of statistical averages: it can be achieved only by insight, by the general prevalence of more common sense, more wit and more plain, but subtle intuition.' Lin Yutang (1936).


Incyte International specialises in school and academy improvement services in the UK and worldwide.  We provide a wide range of products and consultancy services, including one of the country’s leading online academic tracking programs. Offering tailored support, advice and guidance we ensure all types of schools, academies, children centres and further education colleges improve to outstanding or sustain existing outstanding practice.  Our reputation has grown significantly in the last few years as a result of our existing clients recommending us to others. 

We have over 150 consultants to choose from, all of whom have been carefully vetted and are regularly monitored to ensure our high quality is sustained.  This enables us to respond to every type of request.  Our portfolio of products and services has been developed as a result of our close work with our clients and with professionals in education.  As a result, we continually meet our clients’ requirements through bespoke training, a wide range of educational tracking programs, curriculum development and design, whole school inspection style reviews, additional support for such things as special educational needs and English as an additional language.


Personalised Governing Bodies Training

Incyte, in association with our partner PCG Advisory Services, are running three courses for governing bodies. These are interactive and personalised courses that enable a governing body to develop better self-evaluation skills and to better understand the strengths and areas for improvement within their school. It enables them to more effectively challenge and support the school's leaders without over stepping the mark.
Please follow the link for more details: Personalised Governing Bodies Training

National Curriculum and Assessment 2014

Incyte’s new ‘assessment without levels’ academic tracking program is now available for schools to use and has been tested by many schools across England so that we know it will be robust enough to meet all the demands made on it from September onwards.  The program comes with a parent view area that enables schools to ensure parents are kept fully informed about the academic performance of their children and to ensure that reporting to parents enters the 21st century.

Linked to the program are ladders for learning, developed by schools.  These have already been tested and are proving very beneficial as school become ready for September.

Ofsted has already announced that all inspectors will be expected to judge how well schools are assessing against the new National Curriculum and how they are tracking the variations in the progress made by individual and groups of pupils.

If you would like to try out Incyte’s new academic data tracking program contact Malcolm Greenhalgh on malcolmg@incyteinternational.com

New Contracts

The number of schools and academies that make good use of Incyte’s products and services continues to grow.  Our growth and elevation to be widely known as one of the country’s leading school improvement organisations comes very much from the recommendations made by schools and academies that already use Incyte as their preferred school improvement partner.  We have a growing number of schools in all regions in England.  Our consultants operate nationally and therefore, wherever you are, if you would like to discuss with us the types of services we can provide do not hesitate to contact us on office@incyteinternational.com or telephone 0121 288 6331.